Meditation Classes
Book private meditation class for friends, or a corporate wellness event, or yoga retreat

What to expect in a one hour class with Kathryn: 15 minutes of explanation and Q&A followed by 45 minutes of peace.

Come as you are wearing comfortable clothing and prepare to deeply relax in a seated or lying down position. This is your quality time for self care and wellness.  You will be gently guided through a themed meditation set to beautiful binaural beat music. Feel the stress melt away as you relax from head to toe and you may be asked to visualize a passive scene from nature. While in a deep, meditative state of relaxation, we will plant positive seeds in the mind with powerful affirmations for health  and happiness. This experience promises to relax and rejuvenate the most stressed or anxious person. In one hour you will not only learn a little more about your brain and mind, but experience the effect of inner peace first hand. If nothing else, you will sleep soundly and have less wrinkles after this class. Appropriate  for ages 10-100 . We can supply backjacks for additional seating.

Call Kathryn: +1 508 265 9085

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“Meditate with Kathryn! Tranquil Me App When learning any new skills training, nothing beats having an experienced guide to get you started. Kathryn is a great guide who pulls from her own experience - that comes from her own daily practice!”
Andrew Kelley- The Boston Buddha
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“Shout out to Kathryn from Tranquil Me for her Meditation Mondays class. Both my 12 year old son and I enjoyed our first class last week and look forward to more! Check out the meditation app also!”
Christa DiNapoli
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“Thank you for such a beautiful evening! I can honestly say each and every one of us left there is peaceful bliss…it was a treat! I’ll be back…thanks again.”
Annette DeVito
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“For all the frazzled Mum's out there, if you haven't tried Tranquil Me Meditation classes then you are missing out. Kathryn ran yet another wonderful class this morning - really set me up for the day. Left me calm and totally at peace with the world. You won't regret it!!”
Jackie McCrimmon~ Andover
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