99 Affirmations for Healthy Weight

The spiritual perspective on weight loss strives for wholeness rather than perfection. It requires a balance between mind/body and spirit. We must consider the first four letters of the word HEALth to be reminded that healing all aspects of our selves is necessary to find our perfect weight

We need to heal with natural food, regular exercise, a mindful presence, and with the spiritual nourishment of self-compassion.

Repressed emotions must also be addressed. Letting go of childhood wounds, resentment and anger that are often hidden in the layers of extra weight. We use this weight to cushion ourselves from past and future emotional pain.

We eat until we feel full for all the wrong reasons, often seeking fulfillment through food by eating when we are bored or emotional. Eating for any other reason than the need for nourishment has created a well-worn path of bad habits.

Alternatively, if we have an abundant supply of self-fulfillment through self-love, a creative outlet, a life full of purpose and spiritual nourishment, then we are already “full” and satisfaction through food becomes less important. We don’t eat as a reaction to emotional or stressful situations when we are fulfilled by an inner sense of security and calm.

Forgiveness and a feeling of contentment and peace are all ingredients to a recipe for feeling satisfied without stuffing our stomachs with more food than is necessary.

When we are peaceful, we are more powerful and effective at self-management. Meditation is the path to inner peace, so why not use meditation as an essential instrument in our stress relief and weight loss toolkit.

Affirmations are easily accepted when at a deeper level of mind. Brainwaves slow down to an alpha level in meditation, so that is a good time to gently open your eyes and read the positive statements when you are most open to suggestion. Keeping them with you all day and next to your bed or as post it notes on the fridge or bathroom mirror also works well to reinforce your desire for change.

Real change begins in the mind with a thought. Reprogramming the mind by replacing negative thinking that created the bad health habits, is a practical way to apply Eckardt Tolle’s wise words, “Get the inside right and the outside will fall into place.”


1. I nourish my body with healthy, whole, fresh food

2. I am filled with enthusiasm and energy

3. I love to exercise in a way that is fun for me.

4. I am becoming lighter and leaner

5. I am willing to change

6. I eat to nourish my body

7. I release the past and let it go.

8. My energy is increasing every day

9. I am strong and healthy

10. I choose to drink more water and stay hydrated

11. I love how exercise makes my body and mind feel

12. I eat only what I need

13. I am healthy and happy

14. I love to find fun ways to exercise on a regular basis

15. I enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables

16. I find healthy ways to comfort myself

17. I am becoming stronger and slimmer everyday

18. I eat natural foods

19. I am grateful for my health

20. I am kind to myself

21. I am open to new ways of eating

22. I am patient with myself

23. I choose foods that truly nourish me

24. I chew slowly and mindfully

25. I am becoming lighter and stronger every day

26. I enjoy taking good care of myself

27. I can do anything I set my mind to

28. I enjoy working out

29. I say yes to life

30. My actions and behavior support my perfect weight

31. I am flexible

32. I listen to my body

33. I see my body as an amazing miracle.

34. I enjoy a variety of wholesome foods

35. Change comes easily to me

36. I leave the past behind

37. I am enthusiastic and decisive

38. I love and care for my body

39. I listen to my intuition

40. I welcome new healthy habits

41. I focus on the good

42. I allow myself to be happy

43. I am grateful for a chance to begin again

44. My body self-corrects

45. I am relaxed and at peace

46. I love the taste of healthy food

47. I am ready to shed the burdens of my past

48. I am grateful for all I have

49. I arrange my life for the new slim me

50. My mind and body are in harmony

51. I see the beauty of my body

52. I learn new ways easily

53. I am in the process of healing on every level

54. I greet each day with gratitude

55. I am safe and trusting

56. I am excited about my new way of being lighter

57. I love foods that are alive with nutrients

58. I speak to myself with kindness and compassion

59. I am competent and capable

60. I am in the process of bringing balance to my life

61. I eat mindfully and enjoy every nutritious bite

62. I treat myself in fun and healthy ways

63. I am blessed with an abundant life

64. I am a weight loss master

65. I choose positive thoughts

66. I ask for help and support easily

67. I am a complete and whole person

68. I face both good and bad feelings with ease

69. I respect myself

70. I feel safe in a slender, healthy body

71. I attract positive people and events into my life

72. I am grateful to my amazing body

73. I am confident and courageous

74. I am relaxed and calm

75. I embrace change

76. I am glowing with health and energy

77. I am honest and loving and peaceful

78. I live a wholesome balanced life

79. I forgive my past and let it go

80. I can master my weight now and forever

81. I love myself unconditionally

82. My self-awareness is expanding

83. I am filled with passion, hope and purpose

84. I am ready to release any extra weight.

85. I release emotional weight

86. I love and accept myself unconditionally

87. I release extra weight that longer serves me.

88. I choose to be happy

89. I am in the process of creating a healthier me

90. Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better

91. Change is good for me

92. I make healthy choices

93. I am loveable

94. I am full of positive energy

95. All I need is inside of me

96. I live in moderation

97. I eat slowly

98. I release extra weight easily

99. I am grateful for every new day

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