3 Steps to Goal Success Using Meditation

When it comes to goal success, one thing we know for sure is that thoughts emanate from the brain and mind to create our life and lead us to every outcome; successful or failure. Are we starting each new day with the same old thoughts and expecting different results?.

When it comes to achieving our goal success, we are given the advice to "just put our minds to it," yet are never being told exactly how we are supposed to do that. How much do we really know about how our brain and mind work?

Our brain is an amazing electrical and chemical universe; it is far more complex than any other known living system. It processes up to one hundred million pieces of incoming information from our five senses every second.

The brain's ability goes way beyond the most sophisticated computer, yet at a basic level it is very similar. We aren't given a user's manual, but it comes with some automatic programs built in, such as breathing the lungs, beating the heart and digesting food, that require no conscious thought on our part.

Later on, we add a few programs of our own, such as, "I'm not good enough," "better to be safe than sorry," or someone told us to "not be so stupid" too many times. Before we know it, somewhere in the deep recesses of our mind is the belief that we are stupid. We are victims of early childhood programming.

These negative beliefs have far reaching effects on our goal success and completion. We become painfully aware of this when we hit another roadblock to our success by procrastinating, quitting too soon, or choosing the path of least resistance when our intuition is screaming at us to try something new. These false beliefs about ourselves generate fear of success, and we become self-fulfilling prophecies of failure.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. ~ Buddha

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