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Peace in your pocket

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Only $1.99 with Free lifetime upgrades

Relax this festive season.
An ideal gift for your loved ones or yourself!

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ZEN and the ART of the APP

There is a peace movement happening around the world growing one person at a time, making meditation mainstream and no longer on the fringe. Everyone is doing it. Hip-hop moguls are writing books about it, movie stars blog about it and there is a long list of Western spiritual gurus spreading the word too. Peace is the word and meditation is the way to get it.

Tranquil Me Meditation App for Apple devices, fills this increasing demand for peace anywhere, for anyone. It provides state of the art technology as a tool for meditation in all its forms. The app works as the optimal environment for the Mindfulness movement as well as Buddhist methods, TM, Guided Imagery, to name a few. The novice as well as advanced meditator will love it equally.

The Tranquil Me Mobile Application offers more opportunities for personal choices than other meditation App. It is the only guided meditation App with a healing 30 minute body scan with female vocals, and also has a shorter 10 min refresher version with male vocals. If you crave just healing music, or the meditative sounds of the ocean without voices, these options are also available, all in the same application.

It gives you total control of the sound mix between voice and music and an automatic shut off to save battery when you do fall asleep.

The Tranquil Me App combines binaural beat ethereal background music (lowers brainwave frequency- instantly producing a relaxing effect) with positive affirmations, color therapy, and visualization of nature, which have all been proven to reduce stress.

This east meets west guided meditation is perfect for those traveling, or bedridden, or insomniacs trying to catch some zz’s, or in need of a break without the coffee. Imagine being able to step off a crowded commuter train or long overseas flight feeling fresh and relaxed, or having the power to clear away negativity after a stressful workday. The App is just as engaging for teens and tweens, who face their own unique stresses during the bumpy ride to adulthood.

Kathryn Remati, a meditator herself of 40 years is the inventor and says, “If someone had predicted back in college that I could reach so many at once, through their phones, it would have been hard to imagine it as anything but science fiction.” Luckily, due to the miracle of technology, she is now in the business of spreading inner peace, and over delivers with a side of love, fun and happiness.


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The easiest app you will ever use
Select a meditation track. Set the time. Play & Listen.
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Total Control
You can personalize the sound mix to suit you.
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Select from a series of beautiful backgrounds.
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Automatic shut-off time so you don't waste battery.
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5% of all sales go to the Children's Cancer Foundation charity.
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Relaxing binaural beat music
Proven to lower brainwave frequency.
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Detailed physical relaxation
Complete body scan.
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Positive affirmations
Reset your patterns.
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Color therapy
Healing & energizing tool.
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Beautiful nature sounds
Calming effect on mind and body.
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Yoga means ‘union of body, mind and spirit’. Are the last ten minutes of your yoga class the best part? Then this APP is for you. It’s the time when you go within and enjoy the peaceful, relaxed effects of the physicality of yoga. Shavasana is seen as the most important part of the yoga practice when integration of all levels is achieved. Tranquil Me APP is the perfect way to extend the meditation anytime and anyplace outside of the brief end of a yoga class. Take inner peace home with you.
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This is the perfect gift for the bed-ridden person you care about in the hospital or home recovering from illness. This healing meditation will be a forever friend long after the flowers are thrown out.
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PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES. A must have for an enjoyable journey. Tune out the annoying distractions and chill out with binaural beats that relax you under any circumstances. Ideal for traveling passengers with headphones. Reach your destination revitalized and with a positive attitude. Once you have downloaded the APP you don't need to be on wifi to listen to the meditations.
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Having trouble sleeping? This is the ultimate way to catch those elusive zZzz's without any medication. Extremely effective for anyone that doesn't know when to quit or those who just can't find the pathway to golden slumber.
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Self help does not have to always be too serious. Tranquil spectrum offers a light refreshing entertaining way to improve your well being. Add a dose of love and happiness to your meditation.
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Good Luck 4 the founding company, donates 5% of all sales of the App to Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, so you can help yourself become peaceful, while helping others. It’s a win-win.
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About Us

Kathryn Remati created the popular Tranquil Me meditation app to spread peace, one peaceful person at a time. She is a certified San Francisco based meditation teacher, Health Instructor for Kaiser Permanente, and writer. She brings decades of meditating experience into her classes and workshops. Kathryn is proud to have been a presenter at the consciousness-raising, Sedona Yoga Festival 2017.
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Kathryn Remati
For more info and to retain her services for a guided meditation

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Certified Meditation Instructor

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The Boston Buddha : Click here

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These peaceful products are proudly brought to you by GoodLuck4 Media.
Dedicated to developing and distributing intelligent, accessible products for all with an aim to make a better, more balanced world.

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